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Where Elegance Meets Functionality

Established in 2012 by Dannah Leitersdorf, Interior by Leitersdorf is a renowned interior design studio based in Israel. Our ethos is grounded in a unique blend of creative freedom and meticulous attention to detail.
The studio specializes in interior architecture, designing hotels, residences and retail spaces.

Interior by Leitersdorf has designed some of the most luxurious hotels in Israel, including Pereh, Rambam, Cassia Jerusalem and Link Hotel, with a belief that every design should be inherently connected to its location. Each hotel’s design took into account the building’s history, its location and the needs of its unique clientele.

Our experienced and passionate team of interior designers are our greatest asset. We measure our success first and foremost by the success of each individual as part of our collective. Maintaining close communication, empathy, and support, while focusing on specific professional goals, is vital to our cultural and commercial success.

Dannah Leitersdorf’s vision, guides our studio’s approach, focusing on the intersection of artistic expression and pragmatic solutions. We believe in the coexistence of beauty and utility, creating environments that inspire and endure.

core services

Hospitality Design

We craft spaces that blend luxury with functionality in boutique hotels and mid-sized chains, creating lobbies, guest rooms, dining areas and lounges that are visually striking and resonate with guests.

Residential Design

Our approach to luxury private residences is deeply personal, ensuring each home reflects the unique personality and lifestyle of our clients, in a harmonious blend of elegance and practical living.


Our Partners

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Pereh Hotel, set in the Golan Heights, transforms historic Bauhaus buildings into a luxurious resort. The design harmoniously blends raw materials with the natural and historical ambiance of the region, offering guests an immersive experience that connects them to the beauty of the Golan Heights.


This iconic building, dating back to the early 1920s, sits in one of Tel Aviv’s trendiest streets. Its interior design is deeply influenced by the original architecture and historic elements, like wall paintings and floor tiles. These elements form the basis of the design language, intertwined with modern interventions to foster inviting social spaces. The design approach skillfully combines various materials, colors, and textures, alongside furniture that both match and contrast to craft an environment of harmony and controlled chaos. This blend of old and new, richness and excitement define the space. Making it a captivating destination for guests seeking a unique experience.


Located in a prime spot in Jerusalem on King David Street, Cassia Hotel is undergoing a transformative redesign by Dana’s studio. Entrusted with the project by entrepreneur Rafi Luzon, the design strategy centers around the serenity and elegance that harmonizes with the iconic Jerusalem views. The interiors are characterized by a calm and refined aesthetic, where reduction enhances the spaciousness. Key to the hotel’s ambiance is the curated art, carefully selected by Irena Gordon in partnership with Bezalel Academy. This art collection showcases diverse and local artistic interpretations of Jerusalem, adding depth and cultural resonance to the hotel’s atmosphere. 

Jerusalem Spa

Jerusalem Spa is where luxury design converges with serene spa experiences, nestled in the heart of Jerusalem. The spa offers an array of exclusive treatments, enveloped in an atmosphere balancing Jerusalem’s unique character with warm luxurious materials.

Subtle lighting weaves a magical ambiance, inviting guests to escape into a world of tranquility. It’s a haven where bliss and calm meet the city’s ancient charm.

link HOTEL

Located in the pulsating heart of Tel Aviv, LINK Hotel and Hub is a modern business hotel that embodies the city’s urban and vibrant character. The hotel’s design echoes Tel Aviv’s Bauhaus style, blending comfort with art and cutting-edge digital innovation. Each of the hotel’s eight floors pays tribute to a different local graffiti artist, turning the hotel into a living gallery. The transformation of a 50-year-old former ‘Amidar’ building into this dynamic space emphasizes clean lines in the guest rooms contrasting the colorful public areas. The hotel’s HUB offers shared workspaces, facilitating connections and collaborations among guests and visitors. All hotel operations, including check-in, check-out, and services, are managed through a specially developed app, making it a beacon of modern hospitality and a virtual concierge to the vibrant life of Tel Aviv. 


Designing high-end private residences is a journey into the essence of personal lifestyle. Our approach is to elevate and intimately embrace each client’s individuality.

Meticulous attention to detail is infused in every aspect of the project, ensuring that form, function and aesthetics are harmoniously blended. Each corner is crafted with care, reflecting a commitment to bespoke luxury and personal expression. These residences are more than spaces; they are reflections of the self, tailored to perfection.